[ad_1] Let’s start this 4th of July with a song! Click the link below for Reina del Cid’s powerful adaptation of “My Country ‘Tis of Thee.” “Land of dystopia/Religious myopia.” Those of you who are in NYC and have no plans in the very near future can join me at […]

Photographs of Couture Circle’s recent private event at Tiffany & Co. by Kerrenton Snow, courtesy of Couture Circle. Private shopping already seems ultra-exclusive. But the barrage of Instagram posts from the latest event for Couture Circle—a new invite-only group for fashion-loving minds—reads straight out of the Sweet Home Alabama proposal scene.  […]

[ad_1] Australian grocery comparison app Frugl Grocery has launched a detailed investigation of grocery charges in Australian supermarkets. Unveiled quarterly ahead of the Shopper Value Index (CPI), the Frugl GPI is said to observe grocery price tag adjustments at the all round, topline stage though also revealing inflationary traits for […]